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I began with art photography (with teaching, museum and 
gallery showing, that sort of thing)
- and more recently, I've 
been doing
digital photography (1)
- and (2) - and (3) - and video...
Well, we all gotta eat, an' event, architectural, and wedding  photography - and also stock and group photography and 
art photography prints is how I managed to do it...
My various ARTICLES on photography, my SUBJECTIVE 
Lens Evaluations (Mostly Nikkors)
, and articles on video,
, seeingperspective types, etc. are here...
Gee, sometimes I just take photographs of people, places, 
bugs, animals, whatever...
Um..., 3-D photos, video frame grabs, photos from old shows, 
weird stuff, etc. just may appear
Heck, it ain't all photography - there's audio/video mania, 
MIDI and MP3 "music", an' more...  

                 |||--/\  Items For Sale...  
                                  (Updated 1/1/15, with many prices lowered)
                 |||--/\  Photos Taken With Panasonic MFT Cameras & LX7
                                  (Recent photos here - page may be slow-loading - last revised 5/20/15)
|||--/\  Micro Four Thirds (MFT, M43, Micro 4/3, M4/3) Lens Reviews
                                  (With many examples - revised 3/23/17, with infrared and more lenses added!)
|||--/\  Review of the Panasonic DMC-LX7
                                  (With image samples here)
                 |||--/\  Many Useful Nikon-Related URLs
                                  (With many other useful URLs here)
                 |||--/\  Comparing Five Camcorder Microphones
                                  (With sound samples on YouTube)
                 |||--/\  Basic Editing Of Video With Sony Vegas Programs 
                                  (A Basic Vegas "How To" guide for editing HD and SD digital video)
                 |||--/\  Six HD And Six SD Streaming Videos I've Produced
                                  (Available for viewing in different sizes)
                 |||--/\  Some Frames-Grabs From Seven HD Videos I've Produced
                                  (Includes twelve YouTube streaming videos)
                 |||--/\  Many Photos From A Trip In The South-Western US
                                  (Photos taken in many National Parks)
                 |||--/\  An "Interesting" Restaurant Menu...  
                                  (Good for a few laughs -- I hope...! 8^)

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